Covid-19 Pcr Test

Through PCR tests may no longer be required by the UK government upon international arrival, many other countries around the world still have in place Covid restrictions and compliance requirements. If you are considering travelling abroad, a wise step in planning your trip would be to include a Fit to Fly Covid Test before your departure. If you reside in the areas of Twickenham, Isleworth, or Whitton you can obtain a Fit to Fly certificate from Maple Leaf Pharmacy.

What is a PCR Test?

A PCR Test is a type of swab test used to determine whether a person registers any amount of the active COVID-19 virus. This is done through analysing samples taken from mucus membranes located at the back of the throat and/or sinus cavity. Fit to Fly PCR Tests are conducted in a global effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection as well as an act of solidarity to protect vulnerable populations. PCR tests are considered the gold standard in Covid testing and are the trusted form of Fit to Fly Certification.

What Should I Expect at My Appointment?

If you have made an appointment at our pharmacy to obtain your Fit to Fly test it will consist of a home test kit. Upon collection you will find all the necessary instruments needed to carry out a successful Fit to Fly PCR Test in the comfort of your home. This will include:

  • a long cotton swab
  • a vial containing liquid
  • a resealable bag with an absorbent pad
  • a bag with a QR code
  • 3 stickers
  • a box

The instructions that come with your home testing kit should be followed rigorously to prevent any false negative PCR Test results. You will be instructed to swab both the back of your throat and your sinus cavity to obtain samples using the long cotton swab. Once collected, your nasopharyngeal samples should be stored safely within the vial provided to protect the integrity of your COVID-19 PCR Test. To securely transport your sample for accredited lab analysis it should be stored within the bags provided with the appropriately labelled stickers. Our partnered laboratory in Slough will transmit a digital copy of your results within hours including a Fit to Fly Certificate signed by a licensed practitioner.

Your results are pending given the observance of the following cut off times:

  • Return of test to pharmacy by 2:00pm: receive same day results by midnight via email
  • Return of test to pharmacy after 2:00pm: receive next day results by midnight via email
  • Test collection and return is offered Monday-Saturday only

Schedule your Fit to Fly PCR Test today

Our registered pharmacy can offer customers Fit to Fly Covid Tests at competitive pricing with safe and hygienic self-administration. If you reside in Hampton or Teddington visit Maple Leaf Pharmacy today and obtain certified test results accepted by airlines for your peace of mind. Phone us now to book.

For your convenience, we also offer Lateral Flow Testing for self-diagnosis or for Day 2 Arrivals.

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